Duda Review (Apr 2022): What Does This Platform Do?

Is this the right website builder for you?

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If you're looking for a site builder, you may have come across Duda.

Whether you're considering switching from one of Duda's competitors or picking a web builder for the first time, you'll want to do some research to ensure it's the right choice for your business.

In light of that, we've made your life a tad easier by exploring everything Duda has to offer in this comprehensive Duda review.

So, grab a coffee, settle down, and together, let's find out everything you need to know about this web building platform.

Duda Review: About Duda

duda review homepage

Now we've covered the basics; it's worth noting Duda has different products explicitly positioned to meet the needs of different audiences. Not only can SaaS platforms, and web hosting services use its web builder to launch their online presence, but Duda benefits especially agencies but also small businesses and solopreneurs. So, below, we'll look at these in a little more depth:

Duda for Agencies

As this sub-heading so aptly suggests, Duda has a product specifically designed for agencies. Here, you'll benefit from a suite of features that can help take your agency to the next level. Most notably, you get access to:

  • White label tools – with the suite of white-label tools, your brand remains front and center, by adding your logo and brand colors on every client-facing touchpoint (such as the log-in screen, the Editor interface or site preview links).
  • Client management tools – this includes instant client feedback on top of the siteโ€™s elements and permissions-based access for your customers. You can also send white-labeled reports to your users.
  • Team collaboration tools – this includes granular permissions for each team member; shared library for saved assets for easy and quick reusability.
  • Web hosting, maintenance, and an SSL certificate
  • SEO, speed, and page performance optimization. Duda's websites are optimized using Google Lighthouse best practices.

Duda for SaaS Platforms

If you're selling a SaaS, you'll be pleased to hear you can embed Dudaโ€™s white label web design platform seamlessly with your solution. On top of that, you can build your own custom widgets and embed them into your client's websites. Plus, you can make the most out of Duda's dynamic pages by automatically generating industry-specific sites, which have been synced with your usersโ€™ data.

Duda for Web Hosting Companies 

If you're a web hosting service, you can ‘provide high-end website solutions integrated with your core domain and hosting services.' Plus, you can white-label the entire website-building experience to build exceptional-looking websites synced with customer data. Duda also makes it easy for you to increase your revenue by offering your customers flexible payment options and upsells.

Duda Review: Duda's Pros and Cons

First, let's start with the perks:

The Pros ๐Ÿ‘

  • Duda's interface is nothing short of transparent and intuitive.
  • Duda's website templates are slick-looking and easy to use
  • Its mobile site-building functionalities are excellent.
  • You can access JS, CSS and HTML on all sites
  • Duda doesn't charge a commission on your online sales.
  • You can start selling online with any of Duda's pricing tiers.
  • You get access to robust traffic analysis.
  • If your main priority is building a website quickly, Duda is the solution for you.
  • Training clients by offering free online courses.
  • Duda is a fully hosted solution, and as such, handles software updates for you at no extra charge.
  • As many as 80% of Duda's online store's launch in under a day.

The Cons ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  • There isn't a free plan available, only a 14-day trial.
  • There isn't an email newsletter integration.

Duda Review: How User-Friendly is Duda?

Duda is exceptionally beginner-friendly. That said, some users say Duda's sign-up process for its free trial could be quicker. Here, you have to enter your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Select your role
  • Create a password
  • Your website address
  • How many sites you currently build

Don't let the latter deceive you. As we've already hinted at, you donโ€™t need your own website or to be a web designer to use Duda. That's why we feel the sign-up process could be made quicker by just asking for your email and password.

duda review free trial

Once you've created your account, you can hit the ground running with Duda's intuitive drag and drop editor. This makes it effortless to customize your chosen website template- without any programming know-how. Just drag your website elements and drop them where you want them to appear on your web pages. If you wish you can access to JavaScript, CSS and HTML on all sites

Duda Review: How Much Does Duda Cost?

All of Duda's pricing packages offer either annual or monthly billing – the choice is yours. However, if you opt for yearly billing, you'll save 25% compared to monthly billing.

duda review pricing

There are four pricing tiers to choose from, and below, we'll look at each one in turn:

The Basic Plan

This will set you back $19 per month (monthly billing) or $14 per month (annual billing).

For this, you get:

  • One multi-language website included.
  • Your website is hosted on AWS, amazon cloud.
  • Access to email support
  • Website personalization to engage visitors, using triggers like time of day or geolocation to create tailored popups and/or notifications
  • HTTPS encryption to secure communications on your sites
  • Access to Duda's app store
  • Millions of free and premium stock images
  • You can register one team member.

The Team Plan

This costs $29 per month (monthly billing) or $16.50 or month (annual billing). Here you get everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • Phone, chat, and email support
  • You can brand the entirety of Duda's platform, including client access.
  • Team and client management features – for instance, you can manage permissions for team members and clients.
  • You can set user roles and permissions across your team.
  • You can create team assets – i.e., you can create and share website templates and site sections with your colleagues.
  • Access to Duda's fulfillment channel. This connects clients who donโ€™t want to build their website with professional designers and developers that boast extensive Duda experience.
  • You can register four team members.
  • You can assign your client's specific user roles and permissions.
  • For even quicker collaboration, clients and team members can leave site comments on the websites you're building.
  • You can create entirely white-labeled stats, analytics, and email reports to demonstrate the empirical value you're providing clients.
  • You can fully white-label all your sales and marketing materials for more consistent branding.
  • You can create one internal collection per site. An internal collection allows you to manage content like text and images directly inside the editor to easily add content to dynamic pages.

The Agency Plan

The Agency package costs $59 per month (monthly billing) or $44 per month (annual billing). With this program, you get everything listed above, plus:

  • Four websites
  • Priority support via telephone, chat, and email.
  • You can create as many dynamic pages as you want that are connected to customer data.
  • You get access to an extensible widget builder.
  • You can register up to ten team members.
  • You can export all your website content into a zip file.

The Custom Plan

As its name suggests, this is a bespoke plan. So, you'll need to contact Duda directly for a quote. That said, you'll unlock the following advanced features:

  • Tiered discounted pricing
  • Access to Dudaโ€™s robust API
  • A single sign-on (SSO)
  • Integration with external datasets
  • Onboarding
  • You get unlimited access to team and client management features.
  • You unlock 24/7 dedicated support, and you're assigned a dedicated account manager.
  • You get access to expert API guidance and architecture implementation.
  • You'll benefit from in-depth and tailored: technical, design, and sales training from Duda's experts.
  • You can register as many team members as you want
  • You can create instant websites by funneling client data from any structured data set into the Duda website builder. Please note, an API integration is required to launch instant websites.
  • You can create unlimited dynamic pages with external collections.
  • You benefit from unlimited API calls.
  • You can migrate thousands of websites over to Duda.
  • Duda offers custom development for high-volume accounts.

Duda Review: Dudaโ€™s Templates and Website Editor

duda review templates

Duda boasts 98 professionally designed templates, so there's plenty to choose from, including ten blank layouts you can fill in from scratch. To narrow your search, you can filter the results by category – including business, travel, portfolio, online store – to name a few!

Before settling on a template, you can fully preview it via desktop, tablet, and mobile views to ensure it meets your exact needs across all devices. Best of all, you can customize templates as per the device to ensure your website looks its best no matter how visitors choose to view your website.

As we've already hinted at, editing your template's pre-filled content is as easy as just a few clicks. Adding new sections, including galleries, testimonials, contact forms, etc., is equally simple. The same goes for editing border widths, background colors, replacing images, and changing menu layouts.

That said, Duda's templates are pretty structured, so you can't just put anything anywhere. This significantly curtails your creative freedom. Instead, you can only make modifications within the โ€œrulesโ€ of the template. So, if this bothers you, Duda probably isn't the right choice for you. However, suppose your primary aim is to launch a professional-looking website as quickly and efficiently as possible. In that case, Duda's website templates won't disappoint!


With Duda's ‘section builder,' you can create, save, and share Duda's pre-designed website sections with your team. This kind of seamless collaboration ensures all your colleagues are kept on the same page throughout the entire web customization process.

Mobile Editing

With Duda, you can edit your site from the convenience of your mobile device. Whether it's uploading photos from your smartphone, editing links, or changing contact details, you can handle it all from your phone.

On top of that, if your clients are familiar with working on your white-labeled version of Duda's editor, you'll be pleased to hear they can access that same version via mobile. This goes a long way to ensure your branding remains consistent, no matter what device your clients use.

Also, depending on your payment plan, you can create and edit widgets while you're on the go, including text, image sliders, social media icons, photo galleries, buttons, etc. You can even add an HTML widget. This is the easiest method of inserting custom code into your website.

You can do all the above from a mobile-friendly dashboard. From here, you can view, search, preview, and edit, all your websites.

Duda Review: Dudaโ€™s Core Features

duda review features

For ease, we've listed Duda's most notable features below. Please note, your chosen payment plan dictates which of these features you have access to (but, more on that in a sec):

  • There are over 100 font designs to choose from
  • There's a built-in photo editor.
  • You can create your own widgets within minutes. These work wonders for extending the functionality. For instance, you can craft widgets for IDX and live chat with next-to-no coding required.
  • Duda supports omnichannel ecommerce features (like Facebook, Instagram, eBay or Google Shopping). All your products automatically sync with your store catalog, making it easy to manage your inventory from one centralized platform.
  • You can trigger pop-ups and launch videos, promotions, and special messages, depending on who the user is. Factors like the visitor's location and engagement can dictate the content that's shared with them.
  • Unlike its competitors, you can start selling online with Duda's cheapest plan!
  • There are over 40 payment gateways available (including Paypal, Square, and Stripe). Plus, you can accept all major debit and credit cards.
  • If you're selling online, Duda automatically calculates your tax for you!
  • You can generate and distribute customer coupon codes.
  • Team members and clients can publish comments on specific website elements. This makes it simple for your colleagues and clients to leave and address feedback.
  • You can create product categories.
  • You'll receive low stock notifications.
  • You can sell digital downloads.
  • You can set customizable shipping options and rates.
  • Duda offers a complete white-label version of its:
    • Desktop and mobile editors
    • Website preview tools
    • Client dashboard
    • Login page
  • Clients can edit their own sites.
  • A free SSL certificate comes with every Duda website (however, you'll need to install this – but, fear not, it's just a one-click process)
  • Duda's website templates are optimized for Google page speed.
  • Duda's tracking and analytics are pretty robust. You can even send white-labeled reports to your clients. You can utilize tracking codes from the following popular services: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords tracking, and Facebook.
  • You can customize meta titles, meta descriptions, page URLs, and alt text to images – which is excellent for SEO.

Duda Review: Duda's Integrations

duda review integrations

Duda has created plenty of add-ons that you can download and use to boost the functionality of your website:

Site Search 360

As this app's name suggests, Site Search 360 provides a holistic and easy-to-install search engine for your website. This provides a straightforward way for visitors to search for content relevant to them.

User Centric

With the User Centric app, you can ensure all your websites are compliant via its consent management platform. This assures the safe collection and management of user consent and that you comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.


This app is an online booking and scheduling tool. With Agenidize, you'll unlock flexible solutions suitable for vertical markets, like real estate, healthcare, and retail.


Vcita is a full-service CRM that enables you to handle your appointments, bookings, emails, marketing campaigns, and client invoicing from the convenience of one centralized location.


This app is an excellent listing and online reputation management service. When used to the fullest, this platform should boost your local search results and customer engagement both online and offline.


This app optimizes your online content for accessibility so that individuals with disabilities can enjoy everything your website has to offer. It also helps to ensure you comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Neustar Localeze

This listing and local SEO tool, funnels critical business info to more than 90 online business networks. Data like your business name, address, phone number, etc., are posted to these platforms, making it quick and easy to extend your brand's reach. 

Duda Review: Duda's Customer Support

duda review support

Duda‘s customer support is reportedly excellent. At the time of writing, there's an average two-minute wait time for telephone support and just a two-hour wait time for email support. On top of that, Duda claims a 98.9% customer satisfaction rate, which is pretty impressive!

The kind of customer support you're entitled to depends on the payment plan you opt for. In light of that, here's a brief rundown of the help you can expect with each package (more information on pricing packages below):

  • The Basic plan: Email support
  • The Team plan: Email, live chat, and telephone support
  • The Agency plan: Priority email, live chat, and telephone support

Alternatively, if you prefer the self-help route, Duda has an extensive online Help Center. Here you'll find plenty of handy articles, FAQs, and guides on making the most out of the platform. On top of that, thereโ€™s also the online Resource Center. Here you'll find all of Duda's latest webinars, marketing materials, product updates, etc.

Duda Review: Who's Duda Best For?

As you can see, thanks to Duda‘s rich suite of features, this platform covers a lot of bases. But generally speaking, Duda is excellent for freelance web designers who are creating websites for clients. Its client management tools are fantastic – which is something most other web builders lack. It's also an excellent option for small businesses and solopreneurs that want to launch a website very quickly. 

That said, it's not a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to use email marketing to grow their company. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Duda doesn't have an email newsletter plugin. Also, if you're on a tight budget and full creative freedom is imperative to you, Duda isn't the best choice. Instead, you might want to consider WordPress.

Now, over to you – do you think Duda is the right platform for you? If you're on the fence about your decision, why not try out Duda's free 14-day trial. Whatever you decide, whether it's Duda or one of their competitors like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, tell us all about it in the comments box below – we'd love to hear all about your experiences!

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