The Ultimate Guide to AirPOS Point of Sale System – Complete Review

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If I want to see my retail business flourish, I must be shrewd on how I handle mobile transactions. As a merchant, this is the question which ultimately comes up. Is my enterprise fully fledged to require a diverse system such as AirPOS?

Let me pinpoint a perfect scenario.

Take, for instance, the fast-growing E-commerce sector. Credit card payments from customers are actually, an inevitable encounter. As a matter of fact, I need a system which is quick on the uptake.

Besides, the conversions really matter. After all, I expect it to be a give and take affair. If not, then definitely, there's no value for money. For that reason, I might want to do a comprehensive appraisal of AirPOS. Think of it as a bold step to enhance a secure checkout for your business.

But don't worry, be happy.

This review discloses everything I need to know. To be precise, it touches on its pricing, hardware, and e-commerce compatibility. The focal point here is whether AirPOS is as good as it appears on paper. I need to understand how it expands my conversion rates.

Without much ado, let's catch the facts.

What is AirPOS?

airpos homepage

It is a cloud-backed platform which lets me process credit card payments. AirPOS gains traction in the market via its capacity to accept major brands. Key among them include;

  1. Maestro
  2. Mastercard
  3. Apple pay
  4. Google pay
  5. Visa
  6. American Express

I must say, this is quite a flexible software. It does card payment processing from both Apple and Android devices. Well, nobody is locked out here. Unless I'm using some sort of OS from planet Mars. AirPOS seems a bit distinctive since it's also available on Microsoft Windows.

Take note, there are no monthly costs nor fixed terms. In fact, it's usability is so simple. No rocket science!

But here's an automatic win for me.

I get to joyride on its 30 days free trial. To request a demo, I only have to contact the sales team via their official phone number(+353 1437 0087). This is so generous of them. I don't need to spend a penny to run some tests on AirPOS. Furthermore, it operates smoothly. In other words, the whole experience is a no brainer.

So how do I set up my device?

Absolutely simple.

First, I need to download the app from the Apple store or Google play store. During the setup process, the app asks me to allow it to access my location. There's a button at the top right which lets me sign in if I have an already existing account.

What follows, is a step to let it synchronize with my device. Lastly, a staff account page shows up. I need to set up all requisite credentials. If you encounter any difficulties, you can count on the Setup guide which is on the Support section.

AirPOS Review: POS Hardware

airpos hardware

Seems like AirPOS has pretty much to offer. Many thanks to its ultra-modern systems. They're all high functioning and easily accessible in the market. Not forgetting how cost-effective they're. What's more captivating, is that I don't have to pay anything for shipping. That's sorted out.

AirPOS in concurrence with SmartKit, have made the hardware installations a walk in the park. In my view, the experience is quite undemanding. No guesswork here!

Fortunately, there's an option to lease a hardware pack. How is this even feasible? Well, AiPOS in partnership with StoreKit makes it possible via Divido, a global consumer financing solution. This offer gives me a pliable monthly payment plan which extends over 12 months.

On the other hand, Divido charges me a monthly interest of 2%. However, there's a minimum threshold set to enjoy this service. I must make an order for hardware which is above ยฃ250 all inclusive of VAT. You better try this one out.

But how do I lease the hardware?

The process is systematically laid out on the site. Above all, I must add my suitable package to cart. It shows a popup button to select the lease option. The next step is at checkout where I choose a plan to pay with Divido and fill necessary details. The order is immediately shipped to my address.

Take a look at all the AirPOS hardware.

  • M-Pop for iPad and Android

The hardware comprises of both a receipt printer and a cash drawer. Also, it comes with a framed tablet which has a screen size of 10″ inches. This improves the integration capacity. The device is more advanced compared to ordinary hardware. And the logic manifests itself by how it operates.

It has a customer display feature which lets me scan bar codes and shows my customers the purchase price for each item. This strikes a balance between transparency and productivity for my retail business.

The price for this hardware without a scanner and customer display is ยฃ378 which excludes the VAT. The lease for the same package starts at ยฃ42.99 per month all inclusive of VAT.

  • Ipad plus Android Starter Kit

It includes an mc-Print3 compact, a receipt printer and a cash drawer which all sync so well. They can integrate with any POS app. The tablet is mounted in a thick and durable frame.

It costs ยฃ364 exclusive of VAT and without the accessories( scanner + customer display). A merchant gets a lease offer at ยฃ41.40 per month inclusive of VAT.

  • Windows Kit

Both a receipt printer and a cash drawer are on board. It's compatible with any POS app. The price is ยฃ275 which excludes VAT. For the lease option, I have to part with ยฃ31.27 which includes VAT.

AirPOS Integration

AirPOS pretty much prevails over its competitors since it offers quite an outstanding integration solution. It offers synchronized payments with SumUp, Paypal and iZettle. I'm impressed with how diverse it gets with the multiple payment options available. This is is an ingenious approach which proves to be an asset for most merchants.

I'm able to purchase the Paypal Here card reader at the AirPOS online store and get it delivered at my doorstep. The AirPOS integrated card reader lets me accept payments from major credit and debit cards.

Also, it has very good battery life. I can do 100 transactions when I fully charge the device. It only costs ยฃ45 excluding the VAT. The iZettle card reader does similar tasks but costs slightly higher (ยฃ49) excluding the VAT. It's the most suitable device for small and medium-sized retailers.

On the dashboard, AirPOS has a meticulous analytics section. It feeds me with comprehensive sales reports and gives me the possibility to manage my inventory in real-time. It automatically connects with Xero for accounting purposes. I get prompt financial reports once I link the two platforms.

Moreover, it integrates with multichannel online stores. Interestingly, it enhances a smooth checkout process for the customers. This lowers the number of abandoned carts.

 AirPOS Review: Customer Support

It's certain that pre-eminent customer service is a credible way to engage more potential clients. AirPOS seems to be conscious of this fact. On the site, there's live chat support where I get to ask all pertinent questions.

This section focuses more on relevant topics like how to use the POS app, reporting suite or the credit card payment integrations. Aside from that, a merchant can reach the support team through their official email or phone number. The team is available from 9 am till midnight, 7 days a week.

The team is pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. Here, I get hold of any updates from the company. The reviews online are tremendously in favor of AirPOS. No noticeable complaints.

AirPOS Pricing

The pricing seems honest-to-goodness.

It's simple and affordable. At only โ‚ฌ29.50 (exclusive of VAT) per month, I utilize its POS screen, unlimited user accounts, and cloud-based back office.

The reporting app goes for โ‚ฌ 11.00 per month (exclusive of VAT). This app lets me view sales reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. On top of that, I can use the AirPOS app anywhere I go.

So who is it suitable for?

Any small business that sells its items via an online retail store stands a chance to utilize AirPOS. It suits the needs of merchants who want to manage sales reports and print detailed receipts to their customers in a non-amateur manner.

AirPOS is useful for business entities which often accept credit card payments from customers.

AirPOS Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible lease option
  • Exhaustive report analytics
  • Smooth integration with my store
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Comes with an elaborate inventory tracking
  • E-commerce add on compatibility
  • Durable printers

AirPOS Cons

  • No 24/7 customer support

AirPOS Review: Final Words

Probably, you could ask yourself; is AirPOS the real deal? This software is sharp-witted and my answer is yes. It's precisely what you need for your business. It cuts down all the sluggish issues that have to do with payments processing.

I firmly recommend AirPOS to business startups too. Ideally, it's the perfect way to manage your business transactions considering how resourceful the platform is. The hardware is compatible with the app and the company gives me a workable lease solution.

The point of sale is robust and mighty. It lets me sell up to 10,000 products in an hour. To a greater extent, it helps me scale my retail business and reduce cart abandonment.

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